maternity leave smMaternity leave is time to take a break from the work world and bond with your baby, but there are some pitfalls on that new parenting path. If you’re planning now for your post-partum life, here are ways to make the most of your new mommyhood.

pregnancy back full smIt’s getting close to your due date and you find out that you have a breech baby. This can be frightening because delivering a baby in a breech position with feet down instead of headfirst is dangerous. There’s a higher risk for the baby to get stuck in the birth canal and for the baby's oxygen supply to be cut off if the umbilical cord is compressed.

stop infectionsBeing sick while you’re pregnant can be miserable. It usually isn’t a risk to your baby, but some infections that make you sick can be transmitted through the placenta or during birth. Some can make a pregnant woman even sicker and could lead to complications like preterm labor.


American Heart Month is about more than wearing red on the first Friday of February. It's about taking action to prevent heart disease and stroke.

The risk is real because heart disease and stroke kills one woman every 80 seconds. Your best defense is education and here’s how you can "Go Red."

Building Immunity smThis is the time of year when everyone’s immune system is stressed as the body battles against cold viruses and the flu and the fight can be tougher if you’re pregnant. That’s because your pregnancy is suppressing the immune system to accommodate for all of the biological changes underway in your body.

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