C SectionDelivering a baby by C-section is like any major surgery and recovery takes time. It’s complicated by the post-partum changes your body is going through and having a newborn who needs your attention around the clock. That’s a lot to handle but there are things you can do to recover faster after a C-section.

Sibling Rivalry fbSibling rivalry starts early, often when you break the news to your child that a brother or sister is on the way. It’s a natural thing because a child wants a parent’s love and attention and worries that they’ll lose it when a sibling takes the spotlight, but you can help your child learn how to share you with the new baby.

Fatigue smThat positive pregnancy test was just a few weeks ago and already you’re worn out, or maybe you made it through the days of morning sickness only to find that you’re still exhausted. What’s a mother-to-be to do?

maternity leave smMaternity leave is time to take a break from the work world and bond with your baby, but there are some pitfalls on that new parenting path. If you’re planning now for your post-partum life, here are ways to make the most of your new mommyhood.

pregnancy back full smIt’s getting close to your due date and you find out that you have a breech baby. This can be frightening because delivering a baby in a breech position with feet down instead of headfirst is dangerous. There’s a higher risk for the baby to get stuck in the birth canal and for the baby's oxygen supply to be cut off if the umbilical cord is compressed.

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