woman annual exam smYour annual visit to the gynecologist is about more than a Pap test. It’s an opportunity to help you and your doctor understand your health at every stage of your life.

For women of childbearing age, the annual visit is when you can learn about all the options for birth control and find out if the method you’re using now is the best choice for you. Visiting your OB/GYN every year means you’ll beon the forefront of the latest innovations. It’s also when you can be screened for sexually transmitted diseases that could lead to chronic pelvic pain or even sterility if left untreated.

brushing teeth smWith so much to think about during your pregnancy, it’s not surprising that women can forget the importance of good habits like brushing your teeth and flossing daily. Studies show that poor oral health can have a significant impact on a mother’s health during pregnancy and the health of her child.

Begin with a complete dental check-up as part of your pre-conception plan. Gum disease during pregnancy can cause preterm delivery and low birth weight. Consult with your dentist about whether you’ll need a dental check-up every trimester instead of the typical semi-annual visit.

hiking shoe sm
Summer means outdoor fun and it's a great time to find different ways to add more exercise to your life. Here are some suggestions to combine good health with the great outdoors.

Train for a 5K
In Fall, there are many opportunities to run a 5K race for a good cause. Now's the time to start training and that can start with your smartphone. You'll find many free apps that can take you through a 60-day plan to get ready for your first five-kilometer run.

suntan lotionYou want to soak up that summer sun, but don't pay the price with premature skin aging, or an increased risk of skin cancer. Be smart and keep your skin safe with these summertime tips:

Start At Night To Build Skin Protection
A few weeks before that beach vacation, begin to wear sunscreen every night. Dermatologists say the technique builds up the outer layer of the skin and makes it less likely to burn.

Skip The Foundation
During summer, you can put away the foundation and opt for a daily moisturizer with a gradual self-tanner and SPF. It can give your skin a more natural glow and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

preconception health smLong before you're ready to have a baby is when you should start preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy, so when that time comes you'll improve your odds of conceiving and give your baby the best chance for a healthy start. You can begin now with these five steps.

Make Exercise a Habit
Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week. If you're breaking a sweat, you're doing it right. Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve cardiovascular function that's important for mother and child when you're carrying a baby.

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