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test sheet smEven with all the world's information seemingly as close as our smartphones, many of us can't separate myth from fact when it comes to pregnancy. Let's test for your pregnancy IQ; give yourself one point for each correct answer in this “true or false” quiz. Eight or more correct makes you a pregnancy genius. Six or seven right gives you a seat near the front of the class. Three to five correct means you need to study more, and two or less calls for a remedial course in how babies are made!


 1. When you have sex determines the gender of your baby.

2. Twins skip a generation.

3. Pregnancy can make it harder to hear.

4. You can predict the sex of a baby by looking at a pregnant woman.

5. Men's hormones change during a pregnancy.

6. “Pregnancy brain” makes it impossible to concentrate.

7. It's not “morning sickness” if it doesn't happen in the morning.

8. Pregnancy gives your skin a beautiful glow.

9. Pregnancy causes permanent changes in your body shape.

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