resolutionsIt's that time when many women consider making a list of resolutions for the New Year. If that's you, here are a handful of suggestions for pledges that could make 2017 a healthier year.

Stretch Yourself For Better Health
Resistance exercise has many benefits. It can build stronger bones, which is important as women age, and it can increase muscle mass to make it easier to burn more calories. If lifting weights isn't your style, stretching exercises with an inexpensive set of resistance bands can offer the same benefits.

Don't Become a Calorie Monk
Resolve to eat better but don't take a vow to swear-off sweets completely because most people can't do it. Give yourself permission to have an occasional dessert and keep the portion smaller. And try eating only when you're truly hungry. Don't eat until you “feel full” –  stop when your appetite is satisfied

Put Bedtime in Your Planner
Many people don't think of sleep as an activity, but it's something that accounts for about one-third of every day. Make a standing appointment for sleep at the same time every night. If you need help remembering this try setting a daily reminder alarm on your phone to go off 30 minutes before bedtime.

Say “No” More Often
This might seem harsh but most of us agree to do more things than we can accomplish just to satisfy family, friends, or co-workers. A simple "I can't, sorry" can keep you from regularly overextending yourself and help you avoid the health problems that come with too much stress in your life.

Get an “A” on Your Health Tests
Resolve to get all of the tests your doctor recommends for you in 2017. This could include blood testing for cholesterol, a mammogram, a pap test, a colorectal screening, testing for STDs or Hepatitis-C, or a screening test for osteoporosis.


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