mother daughter smWomen's health is about more than just childbearing or menopause; it's a lifelong journey with distinctive needs and challenges that begin in the teenaged years and continue until you're a senior citizen. Wherever you fall on that timeline, here are some tips for better health at any age. Remember that every woman should have a wellness checkup with her health provider each year.

In your 20s –  Begin annual pap tests at age 21. Talk with us about whether you plan to have children in the next year or choose the right birth control if you're sexually active. Discuss your risk for sexually transmitted infections and the need for screening.

In your 30s –  Incorporate strength training into your exercise plan to help keep your bones and muscles strong. Your metabolism is beginning to slow down and your eating habits may need to change to avoid weight gain. Talk with us about any family history of heart problems or cancer.

In your 40s – Know your numbers, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and body weight because these can indicate your risk for serious conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes or stroke. Ask about having a screening mammogram and talk with us about perimenopause symptoms.

In your 50s – Get tested for diabetes if you're overweight or obese and talk with us about screening for hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Ask about daily aspirin use and get screened for colorectal cancer. And if you're a current or former smoker, ask about lung cancer screening.

In your 60s –  Continue with regular Pap tests and mammograms as recommended by your doctor. Ask about bone density testing to help determine your risk for osteoporosis and get vaccinations for shingles and pneumonia.

In your 70s -  Use strength training or Tai Chi to help maintain better balance and avoid the risk of falls. Talk to your doctor about a screening for hearing loss because this can worsen any effects of memory loss or dementia.


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