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Summer means outdoor fun and it's a great time to find different ways to add more exercise to your life. Here are some suggestions to combine good health with the great outdoors.

Train for a 5K
In Fall, there are many opportunities to run a 5K race for a good cause. Now's the time to start training and that can start with your smartphone. You'll find many free apps that can take you through a 60-day plan to get ready for your first five-kilometer run.

Outdoor Yoga

Combine the power of yoga with the beauty of the outdoors for a workout that builds the body and feeds the soul. Whether you use your own backyard sanctuary or head to a shady spot in the nearest park, you can practice a natural form of exercise with nature all around you.

Go Golfing
Golf can be a solid four-hour workout if you ditch the cart and take a walk along those 18 holes. Even if you're only playing a short nine, you can add thousands of steps to your day and have some competitive fun in the process.

Hop On The Bike
Remember those great summers as a kid when you could spend all day riding your bike? Why not release your inner child on two wheels? Cycling is an amazing form of exercise that the whole family can share. Be sure to always wear a helmet and stay safe when you ride.

Take a Hike
Slip into some comfortable walking shoes and step off to better health. It doesn't have to be rugged; you can tackle that challenging uphill trail or have a fun adventure with the kids on a walking path in a nearby park.  To reduce the risk of tick bites during a nature hike, wear long pants tucked into your socks and avoid trails with tall grass.

A Trip to The Playground
When you take your kids to the playground, get off that park bench and join in the fun. Swings, monkey bars or playing tag can give you a real workout and show your kids how much fun exercise can be for everyone.


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