pregnant fallWhen you think about the danger of falling we usually associate it with older women, but mothers-to-be also need to take care to avoid a fall that can injure you and your baby.

It’s estimated that one out of four pregnant women will suffer a fall. Luckily, the body is built to protect your baby against injury with cushioning amniotic fluid and strong muscles in the uterus, but don’t disregard the risks. Be sure to evaluate any symptoms you might have if you take a tumble.

You should seek medical attention if your fall resulted in a direct blow to your stomach or if you’re

leaking amniotic fluid or experiencing vaginal bleeding. Severe pain, especially in your pelvis, stomach, or uterus, experiencing contractions or noticing that your baby isn’t moving as often are all signs that you should contact your doctor or go to an emergency room immediately.

It’s a matter of physics and the basics of pregnancy that make it more likely you’ll suffer a fall. A growing belly shifts your center of gravity forward, making it harder for you to stay upright. And the hormones that loosen your joints during pregnancy in preparation for a smoother delivery can also make you more unstable on your feet.

You can reduce the risk of falls by wearing flat, comfortable and supportive shoes. Remember to take it slow; look carefully at surfaces for water or other liquids and avoid walking in grassy areas where you can lose balance more easily. Use railings when going up and down any stairs and don’t be shy about asking for a hand from someone.


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