C SectionDelivering a baby by C-section is like any major surgery and recovery takes time. It’s complicated by the post-partum changes your body is going through and having a newborn who needs your attention around the clock. That’s a lot to handle but there are things you can do to recover faster after a C-section.

Take pain medications as directed. Being in pain makes it harder to recover from a C-section. Many new moms stop taking pain medications too early and are chasing their pain rather than relieving it. Stay on your pain meds and consult with your doctor to see when you can reduce the use of narcotic painkillers and switch to other medications.

Get plenty of rest. This will help your immune system work better to reduce the risk of an infection of the incision. Adequate rest will also build your strength to physically recover from the surgery. Relax whenever you can and ask for help from the father, an in-law, sister or a neighbor who can give you a break from baby care. And consider using a breast pump to make her overnight feedings easier.

Start walking soon. Walking can speed your physical recovery from a C-section by increasing blood flow around the incision but it’s about movement and not speed, so take it easy at the beginning. Don’t try to carry heavy items and don’t resume an exercise routine until your wound has healed.

Plan for convenience. Have the things you need nearby in a basket that can carry your phone, medications, a bottle of water, a book or the TV remote. You’ll also want to sleep in the same room with your baby so it’s easy to reach him.

Eat well. Good nutrition will help the healing process and give you more energy. Think about simple meals that don’t require much preparation, like microwave entrees or slow cooker dishes. You can also set up a schedule for family and friends to bring a meal each day until you’re back on your feet.

Work with your doctor. Follow their schedule for recovery and let your doctor know if you have any warning signs of infection like a high or persistent fever, abnormal discolored drainage at the incision site or worsening or persistent severe pain.

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