Gender Reveal CakeWhether you’re planning a party or sending an announcement, here are some great ideas to make the reveal of your baby’s gender more fun.


The Pink or Blue Cake
The classic approach uses pink or blue food coloring in a white cake mix to reveal the gender of your baby. Or, you can use colored candies in the center of the cake. A variation has you make a batch of cupcakes with a filling that’s blue for a boy or pink for a girl.


Color Me Excited
If you’re sending an announcement, take a photo with the two of you wearing t-shirts that have been splattered with pink or blue paint. Extra points if you make it an action shot and use squirt guns to deliver the colorful news.


Gender Reveal Box smThe Balloon Box Launch
This gives you the fun of unwrapping a present and adds helium balloons that are colored pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Place the balloons in a large box decorated to look like a gift. Open and watch the news of your baby’s gender float up for everyone to see.


Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Tickets
You can make your own  gender reveal scratch-off tickets or buy ones that can be sent to announce the gender of your baby with all the excitement of finding a winning lottery ticket.


Confetti Cannon
Guys will love this one. Hand out confetti cannons that are loaded with paper sprinkles colored to match the gender of your baby. On a count of three, everyone fires their cannon for a spectacular reveal that showers your partygoers in a colorful announcement. A variation uses a large confetti-filled helium balloon that you burst to pop the news of your baby’s gender.


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