baby at windowYou want everything to be perfect for the arrival of your baby and home safety is an important part of being ready. These tips will help you catch some of the common dangers that are found in many homes.

  1. Turn Down Your Water Heater Temp

To reduce the risk of accidental scalding during a bath, set your water heater to 120 degrees or install an anti-scald device to the end of the bath spout and the sink faucet.

  1. Say “Goodbye” to Crib Bumpers and Blankets

Those bumpers, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals in a baby's crib can suffocate your child. Remove them and dress your baby warmly before you put her to sleep.


  1. Plug Electrical Outlets the Right Way

Plastic outlet safety plugs can be removed by a curious child and become a choking hazard, so use sliding covers that will protect but can’t be removed.

  1. Think Safety When You Select Furniture

Wicker wood can split into small pieces that might be swallowed by a baby so don’t use wicker furniture until your child is older. And remove the lid from the toy box to prevent it from slamming down on a child.

  1. Keep Pet Food Away From Your Baby

That kibble left in the dog dish is a choking hazard. Feed your dog and stand by while he eats and then remove the dish from the floor where a baby could find it. Same for a garbage can – it’s full of things a baby can choke on so keep it in a cabinet with a locking latch.

  1. Check the Living Room for Baby Hazards

Besides a coffee table with sharp edges, you don’t want shelving or a bookcase that isn’t fastened to the wall, in case your baby is a climber. Make sure potted plants are out of reach and keep your TV behind closed doors in an entertainment center or mount it on a wall.

  1. Stow Those Plastic Shopping Bags

The plastic bags you get at the store can suffocate a baby the same as plastic wrap on dry cleaning, so keep them safely stored in a drawer or a cabinet with a locking latch.

  1. Lock Your Potty

A child can drown in just the water that’s in a toilet bowl. Use a toilet seat equipped with a lock that resets itself as the seat is being lowered.

  1. Add More Fire Protection

A nursery needs a smoke detector in it or one that’s nearby. And keep a single-use fire extinguisher where you can reach it in the kitchen should you have a stovetop fire.

  1. Crouch Down and Canvass

Get on your hands and knees and survey each room. Anything you can see on the floor or near it might attract a curious baby. Make sure all of these hazards are removed or protected from curious hands.

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