Food Cravings 200x200Food cravings during pregnancy are a real thing, even if science can’t fully explain why you’d want to devour a whole jar of pickles in one sitting. Studies have shown a pattern in what kinds of foods pregnant women crave and when. The first trimester often brings savory food cravings and the second trimester is sweet foods. By the third trimester, many moms-to-be are in the mood for salty foods.

Of course, your cravings could be all of these at any time. Indulging in a food craving can feel good but too much of a good thing may not be great for your health or your baby’s, especially if the food you crave is high in sodium, fat or calories.



Here are seven substitutes that let you indulge the urge to eat during pregnancy without guilt:

  1. Can’t get enough frosty treats? Dish up your own with homemade banana ice cream. Bananas are high in folic acid and a good energy booster and may also help to ease morning sickness.
  2. Ready to kill a whole bag of potato chips? Make them baked. Baked chips are lower in fat than regular potato chips. An even healthier substitute would be air-popped popcorn that’s lightly salted.
  3. If the thought of eating pizza is a slice of heaven for you, skip the meat and choose vegetable toppings. Remember that most of the calories in pizza come from the crust, so choose thin style or go veggie all the way with a cauliflower crust.
  4. Want to celebrate with cake every day? Turn to your better angels. Angel food cake is fat-free and you can top it with strawberries or some of that homemade banana ice cream.
  5. If you like spicy foods, try scrambled eggs with a spicy salsa topping. Or you can use spicy salsa for dipping to add some great flavor to (ugh!) celery sticks.
  6. When you’re craving a soft drink, try sparkling water instead and the bubbles may do the trick. If it’s gotta be pop, open a can or bottle and take a few sips and then chase it with some sparkling water.
  7. Is eating a big juicy hamburger your idea of a great cookout? Swap that meat patty for a grilled Portabello mushroom cap on a bun and topped with a slice of cheese. But remember to hold the mayo!

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