pregnant woman timing her contractionsIt’s been nine months of pregnancy and you’re ready to have that baby, but determining when to go to the hospital can be tricky. The beginning of labor may be different for many women, but here are five signs that you might be ready to deliver.

  • You experience an increase in vaginal discharge, possibly brownish or pinkish in color.
  • The sensation of the baby dropping lower into your pelvic cavity. When this happens you may be able to breathe more freely because the weight of your baby is no longer pressing on your diaphragm.
  • Dull low back pain that comes and goes. You may also feel cramping or pressure building in your pelvic/rectal area.
  • Loose and frequent bowel movements with cramping. This is the body’s way of making space in the abdomen so the uterus can contract. Indigestion and vomiting are also possible.
  • You’re suddenly more fatigued or feel newly energized. A spike in the nesting instinct could be causing this but resist the urge to get everything done before you go because you’ll need that energy for labor.

And there’s one sign that you might expect but may not see. Having your water break is an indication that labor is coming soon but in some studies only about one in ten women reported that their water broke before regular contractions began. If your water does break, it may only feel like a small drip because your baby's head can prevent more fluid from leaking out.

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