Yoga class 200x200For many of us, a new year means a new goal to get fit, but can you do that without bringing home a treadmill, buying that set of fitness DVDs or signing up for a gym membership?

Yes, you can because the goal is simple. Health experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five times a week and this can include things like walking at a brisk pace, household cleaning, or actively playing with children.

If you can’t find a half-hour block of time each day day for exercise you can break up your physical activity into three 10-minute segments. And think outside of the box; for example, you can try moving to your favorite music at home.

Don’t let excess weight keep you from getting started. To go easy on your joints, try doing exercises while seated but otherwise try to sit less. Be active during lunchtime at work or stand up and move during commercial breaks while watching TV. It  all counts toward a daily fitness goal that you should set and keep.

Always begin and end any exercise session with some gentle warm-up and cool-down stretches to help prevent strain, soreness, and injury.  Think of stretching as part of the workout and be sure to leave time for it.

Exercise shouldn't be a chore, so try different activities to find the ones you really enjoy but don’t push yourself to do too much too soon. You could end up with pain and injuries that prevent you from exercising and  might discourage you from keeping to your fitness goals. 

Always talk to your health care provider before beginning any new exercise routine. That’s especially important if you have a chronic disease or risk factors for things like asthma or diabetes; if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or a personal or family history of heart disease, or if you’re pregnant or a smoker.

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