woman sitting on couch with hot beverageGetting a new job or losing 10 pounds or finding that special someone or starting a family. These may not be your resolutions for the new year but we can all resolve to improve our wellness in 2020.

Think about the basic steps you can take to be healthier. No giant mountains to conquer, just some smaller hills to climb that will raise you up and improve your wellness.

Start by eating for fuel and not for comfort. Here’s an analogy – even if you enjoyed pumping gas, you wouldn’t keep stopping at the station if your car was already full. Your body is the same; it needs fuel in the form of food but only enough to keep you running. Don’t eat mindlessly or for pleasure or to ease stress. Eat when you’re hungry and stop before you feel full, because that “full stomach” feeling often comes only after you’ve eaten too much.

For many of us, resolving to get more sleep is easier said than done but it’s so important for wellness. Try going to bed earlier because just 30 more minutes of sleep per night can improve your body’s ability to recover and prepare for the new day. Make sure you’re ready for good sleep by not eating or exercising within three hours of bedtime and turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Schedule time for wellness. Like any other task, when you add exercise to your daily calendar for a specific time you’re more likely to do it. Now is also the perfect time to schedule your annual health exams for the year. Grab that calendar and pick dates for a wellness visit with each of your health care providers.

Finally, don’t forget to schedule time for yourself. This could be some morning meditation or an evening walk to decompress after a busy day. You can start simple with just 10 minutes when you put your phone in another room and focus on breathing to clear your head and energize yourself.

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