Woman in Labor 300x200Labor is the final step before a successful delivery and sometimes it’s a process that needs help to get started. A labor induction can be necessary if you’re overdue or if there are health conditions that could present a risk for you or your baby unless the child is delivered now. Some women choose to have an induction but it’s not recommended prior to week 39 in your pregnancy.

A drug called Pitocin is commonly used in labor induction because it mimics the natural hormones your body uses to begin labor. Breaking your water can also speed up labor by making room to drop the baby down into your pelvis and triggering hormones called prostaglandins that cause the cervix to change. Your doctor may also use a special catheter called a Foley bulb for a treatment to help with dilation of your cervix.

An induction can trigger a labor that speeds up and then slows down. Some labors after induction happen very quickly and others take much longer. It can depend on the condition of your cervix, the methods tried, and how you and your baby handle labor.

Don’t worry if your induced labor takes longer than expected. For a first-time mom, you may go to the hospital for a night induction to have more time to prepare your cervix for labor and delivery later the next day. Women who have previously delivered a baby may not come to the hospital for an induction until morning.

You still have options and choices with an induction. For example, it does not mean that you have to accept pain relief. Women can often keep parts of their birth plans intact with the proper planning and your doctor’s support.

The mental and emotional toll of induced labor can be very different than spontaneous labor. Be sure to have help with you from a family member or friend to make induced labor and delivery as comfortable as possible.

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