senior woman having trouble sleepingIf the symptoms of menopause seem to rule your life, here are some solutions to manage the most common problems associated with “the change.”  You can start by...

Watching the Thermostat

During heating season, set your home’s thermostat at 65 degrees to avoid hot flashes and night sweats. If anyone else in the household complains, tell them to grab a sweater! The cooler setting is especially important when you’re trying to…

Get Better Sleep

Create a bedtime routine that includes avoiding caffeine and alcohol before you go to sleep and not exercising later in the day.  Keep electronic devices off; better yet, remove them from the bedroom to avoid the urge. And leave bed if you can’t sleep. Don’t lie awake worrying about…

Those Hair and Skin Changes

You can see the loss of estrogen in your skin, but you can fight back by drinking more water to stay well-hydrated. And be careful not to bathe too often, as this can also aggravate the problem. More facial hair (and less on your scalp) can be treated with hormones, vitamins, electrolysis or laser.  But some menopause symptoms don’t have “do-it-yourself” solutions, such as when…

Your Heart Races

Heart palpitations or a very rapid heartbeat that happens frequently can be a warning sign of heart disease and should be checked by your doctor. Northline Women’s Health Center serves women in Downriver and Brownstown with complete care for every phase of life. If you’re experiencing lapses in memory…

Consider What You Eat and How You Remember

Get plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables for antioxidants and vitamins. Reduce or remove alcohol, sugar, and caffeine from your diet and see if it improves your ability to remember. And try memory strategies like associating a thing with a name or put important information into your cell phone so it’s easy to find when needed. And learn how to…

Lean on Your Friends for Support

Nurture existing relationships and work to make new ones with women who are also in this life stage. Consider organizations such as the Red Hat Society or join a weight loss and exercise group. Spending time with people who have the same concerns can help you meet new friends going through what you are.

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