A baby ultrasound uses sound waves to penetrate the soft tissue and organs to create a picture on a monitor. This procedure uses no radiation and is safe for mother and baby.


3D Baby Ultrasound Gives You More

A 3D baby ultrasound from Northline Women's Health Center gives you the most detailed and complete view of your baby, creating a three-dimensional view of your baby that's as real as life itself. Sound waves emitted from all angles build a bright, clear image to show shape, shadow and amazing details, like those cute baby cheeks, that lovely baby nose, or those precious little hands and feet. A 3D baby ultrasound can even make it easy to recognize a family resemblance and begin the bonding process for everyone.


4D Baby Ultrasound Brings The Experience To Life

As great as it is to see your baby in 3D, the ultimate experience comes with a 4D baby ultrasound from Northline Women's Health Center. The fourth dimension is movement. A 4D baby ultrasound uses a sequence of 3D images to create a moving picture, much like a video camera. Now you can watch as your baby yawns, kicks, or moves a hand, and you'll feel a new connection to your child. Plus, you can save this experience on a DVD for all to share. A 4D baby ultrasound from Northline Women's Health Center might be the most exciting time you'll have with your baby before their birth day.


Deluxe 3D/4D Baby Ultrasound Package

$169 ($139 for current Northline Women's Health Center patients!)

3D/4D Baby Ultrasounds can be performed at both our Brownstown and Southgate locations. Package includes:

  • 10 to 15-minute ultrasound scan captured on DVD in 2D, 3D and 4D modes
  • 4 black and white thermal photos
  • Sex determination upon request

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