These sample images show the amazing experience you get with your 3D ultrasound from Northline Women's Health Center. Unlike a basic flat ultrasound image, a 3D ultrasound creates a rich, multi-dimensional view of your baby, so you can see form, shape and details, just like in a real photograph. And when we combine a series of these high-quality 3D ultrasound images in a motion sequence, you get the ultimate view in a 4D ultrasound video that shows movement of your baby. You can welcome your new child and share the experience with family and friends with a 3D/4D ultrasound from Northline Women's Health Center, Michigan's leading provider of ultrasound services.



3D baby ultrasound sample image of face

4D ultrasound image of a baby's face. 3D baby ultrasound of a hand
4D ultrasound of a baby's face 3D ultrasound of a baby's head. 3D ultrasound of a baby's hand.
4D ultrasound of baby's spine. 3D ultrasound of the umbilical cord

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