The newborn swims in the bathroom in the arms of the mother. The first bathing of the baby in the bathroom.

Will you be giving your baby her first bath soon? It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your newborn without distractions.

But as you’re preparing for bath time, you might feel a little nervous about the best way to bathe your baby. And that’s completely normal.

When you’re ready to start a family, it can be frustrating to see negative pregnancy test results over and over. And medical intervention for fertility can be expensive.

The good news is you can increase your fertility naturally by making a few lifestyle changes.


When you’re working and expecting, it’s important to plan your maternity leave with the same level of detail as your baby’s arrival.

Follow these guidelines to prepare for a smooth transition.


A pregnant woman eating fruit salad while sitting on sofa at home

You've probably heard the phrase “eating for two,” but you might not know that it doesn’t mean eating twice as much food while pregnant.

Young woman patient with a senior gynecologist during the consultation in the gynecological office

Most young women don’t need a pap smear until 21 years of age, but there are a few benefits to seeing your gynecologist when you’re younger.


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