HPV vaccine photo 200What if there was a shot that could all but eliminate the risk for a deadly cancer? Would you get it for your child?

That's how effective the HPV vaccine can be against cervical cancer. The latest findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 92% of cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV, or human papillomavirus. That means the HPV vaccine could prevent up to 32,000 cases of cervical cancer every year.

HPV can lead to cancers in both women and men, including cancers of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, throat, tongue and tonsils. HPV is transmitted through sexual activity and it's estimated that 80% of adults carry the virus. Most people with HPV have no signs or symptoms of the infection.

healthy aging 200Whether you’re stepping out in your 20s or nesting in your 30s or flying through your 40s or finishing up your 50s or ready for retirement in your 60s, one thing is true – we’re all getting older every day. So why not do that aging in a healthy way? Here are some lifestyle tips that work for any age.

Plan a Date with Your Doctor

Schedule a wellness visit once a year to track your health and see about screenings you might need.

Sleep Like A Baby

A daily nap can be a refreshing break for anyone. Limit your nap to no more than 20 minutes so it doesn’t interfere with your normal sleep schedule.



Senior woman having bone density tested at doctor visitOsteoporosis is thinning of the bones and it’s a common cause of fractures in older Americans. The National Osteoporosis Foundation says one in two women and up to one in four men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

A woman’s risk of breaking a hip due to osteoporosis is equal to her risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer combined. And a man age 50 or older is more likely to break a bone due to osteoporosis than he is to get prostate cancer.

Every year, 75,000 Americans with osteoporosis who break a hip will die within 12 months of the injury. The same number will end up in a nursing home and another 150,000 people will never regain previous function after a hip fracture.

Food Cravings 200x200Food cravings during pregnancy are a real thing, even if science can’t fully explain why you’d want to devour a whole jar of pickles in one sitting. Studies have shown a pattern in what kinds of foods pregnant women crave and when. The first trimester often brings savory food cravings and the second trimester is sweet foods. By the third trimester, many moms-to-be are in the mood for salty foods.

Of course, your cravings could be all of these at any time. Indulging in a food craving can feel good but too much of a good thing may not be great for your health or your baby’s, especially if the food you crave is high in sodium, fat or calories.

Working Mom with SonYou work and your child is in daycare or with a babysitter – is that something to feel guilty about? Lots of women experience what’s called “mom guilt.” In a Pew Research Center survey about 40% of working moms said they regret not spending enough time with their children.

Guilt can be nature’s way of saying you’ve made a bad choice, but is guilt about being a working mother mean that you’re a bad mom?

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