A rash under your breasts can be itchy, uncomfortable and even painful.

The culprit is often intertrigo, a non-serious skin condition that can happen anywhere on the body that skin rubs against skin.

Choosing how to feed your baby depends on your little one’s needs, your preferences and your family situation.

As you’re exploring your options, keep in mind these factors and benefits of breastfeeding.

Black pregnant business woman suffering backache at modern office

As you’re preparing for maternity leave, you may be wondering when it’s best to stop working.

Several factors impact that decision, including your medical needs, financial situation and personal preferences.

Some expecting moms want to work as long as possible while other moms have a set date for when to start their leave even if baby hasn’t arrived yet.

The right choice for you depends entirely on what you and your family need.

When Can You Travel with a New Baby?

It’s best to avoid traveling with an infant during the first few months of life unless it’s absolutely necessary, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Traveling increases your baby’s exposure to infectious diseases, which can be dangerous to a little one who’s still developing her immune system.

A happy laughing child in a yellow duck towel with a hood

It’s exciting when a friend or family member has a baby. And you might be eager to race over to their home and get your share of newborn snuggles.

But before you hop in the car, consider these best practices for visiting a newborn.

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