What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Care VisitSo, you just found out that you’re pregnant. Congratulations! Now it’s time for a first prenatal care visit to get started right on your way to a healthy baby.

When You Need That First Visit with a GynecologistGynecology is the branch of medicine that’s a part of life for most of your life.  It manages women’s health from puberty through your senior years -- everything from birth control, safe sex tips and advice on preventing sexually transmitted infections, to menstrual issues, treating urinary tract infections, easing the effects of menopause and helping to overcome incontinence.

How to Stay Active Throughout MenopauseThe effects of menopause can be different but exercise will help to relieve stress that every woman experiences during menopause. Regular exercise is also a great way to avoid the weight gain and loss of muscle mass that often occurs with menopause.

Five Things to Know Before You Talk with Your Doctor About Birth ControlYou have many choices when it comes to birth control and that’s why a discussion with your health care provider is important. But before that visit, here’s some homework to complete so you’re ready for that discussion.

The Right Birth Control for Older WomenHeavy menstrual periods can be painful and difficult to live with, and the problem is all too common. It's estimated that about 10 million American women have abnormal uterine bleeding, but there are solutions.

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