The Right Birth Control for Older WomenPop quiz – at what age is it no longer possible to become pregnant? It’s a trick question, because there isn’t a specific age when you’re too old to have a baby.

Better Vaginal Health Means Avoiding These 7 FoodsWe’re encouraged to eat well to improve our overall health, but a diet that’s good for vaginal health may mean easing off on these common foods that could cause problems for you “down there.”

The What, Why and How of the Pap TestWhat’s with the funny name and exactly how is it done? Both are good questions, but why you need a Pap test may be the most important thing to know before you have one.

The Care You Need for MenopauseMenopause shouldn’t be a frightening time. It’s the natural progression to the end of your reproductive years, but you will need special care for some unique aspects of it.

 What happens during prenatal visits?Prenatal care is essential to the health of mother and baby. Your prenatal visits will be different depending on where you are in the nine months of your pregnancy.

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