high fiber foodsLong before there were medical treatments, women were using natural substances to deal with the  effects of menopause. Today, many of these alternative treatments are available as supplements that you can purchase at the pharmacy or health food store, and here are some of the most popular. Please remember to always consult with your doctor about possible interactions with prescription medicines before taking any supplement.

1. Black Cohosh
Black cohosh has been used for centuries and is among the most popular and longest-studied natural hot flash remedies for women. It's derived from a plant in the buttercup family, and black cohosh may work much like the brain chemical serotonin to ease feelings of depression and regulate body temperature. It can be taken as capsules, tablets, or mixed with water.

2. Ginseng
Ginseng has been used as a therapeutic health treatment for over 5,000 years and is considered a “normalizer” and an “energizer.” Ginseng may help with some menopausal symptoms, such as mood swings and sleep disturbances. However, it has not been found to be helpful for hot flashes.  You can take ginseng in tea, powder, and as an extract.

3. Soy
Soy has natural plant estrogens that may be effective in reducing menopausal symptoms, but scientific studies have yielded mixed results. Soy in tablet or powder form is not recommended. Instead, look for  food forms of soy, like tofu and soy milk.

4. Vitamin E
A daily dose of natural vitamin E may help alleviate symptoms of hot flashes in some menopausal women. Topical vitamin E oil applied to the vagina may also improve lubrication.

5. Yoga
If you'd rather not take a supplement, yoga can help relieve irritability and depression brought on by menopause. Yoga relaxation and stretching techniques can help stabilize your mood while improving overall well-being.



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