menopause and puberty collideAs more women delay parenthood until their mid-30s or later, a phenomenon had developed in many households – the clash of hormones when Mom begins to experience symptoms of menopause just as her teenage daughter is dealing with the effects of puberty.

If your home is one of these x-chromosome battlegrounds, the veterans of the Mom/Daughter wars have some advice. Ellen Dolgen, who writes the popular Menopause Mondays blog, says it's important to keep communicating.

“Share your own challenges openly,” Dolgen says, “so they know what you’re going through, and you can give them an opportunity to relate to you, even if they don’t want to show it. Chances are, your teen may be experiencing sleepless nights and mood swings just like you.”

While you're communicating, try a little empathy, too. Consider what it was like for you as a hormonal teenager, to help you connect with your daughter and her struggles.

Life coach Lynn Blades is dealing with what she calls “The Clash of the Titans” and advises that you pick your battles carefully.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” says Blades, but do “lay down your code of conduct and make your teen stick to the rules or pay the consequences.” Blades also recommends encouraging your teen to exercise, eat right and get involved in constructive extra-curricular activities. That's good advice for you, too.

And don't be afraid to ask your doctor for help in dealing with your hormonal changes. There are many options, including conventional hormone therapy, herbal therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and others offered by Northline Women's Health Center that can treat symptoms caused by menopause, such as excessive mood swings, anxiety, and hot flashes.

With more communication and understanding, and fewer blowups and ultimatums, plus some help from your doctor with menopause symptoms, you might find hormone happiness in your house.


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