Mother sitting on a sofa with her young daughter talking about puberty

When should you talk to your daughter about puberty? Early and often, say the experts.

You may think that children today already have too much information about sexuality, but talking about puberty is still an important job for parents because not all this other information is reliable.

What do we mean by start early? Most girls enter puberty between the ages of 10 and 11, when they begin to experience physical and emotional changes. Their first period often occurs at age 12 or 13.

But puberty can start with girls as young as 8 years old, and that’s why you shouldn’t wait for your child to come to you with questions.  You want to discuss puberty with them before this begins.

So, what do you say? The key is to be reassuring. Remind them that things that come with puberty, like acne, mood changes, growth spurts, hormonal shifts and menstruation are all part of growing up. Every girl goes through it, but each does it on her body’s own schedule.

Puberty Talk with Your Daughter

Girls who enter puberty earlier may feel self-conscious about being the first to wear a training bra. On the other hand, a girl may be the last among friends or classmates to get her period. And most girls will have questions about things like breast size or the growth of pubic hair.

Let your child know that you're available to talk, but start conversations too. You might feel embarrassed discussing these sensitive topics, but kids often are relieved to have you take the lead.

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