Women looking for pregnancy (prenatal) care in the Southgate, Brownstown and Downriver communities of Michigan will find the best options at Northline Women’s Health Center. It includes regularly scheduled visits for physical examinations, testing, nutritional care and patient education, with emergency care available at any time. It's recommended that you begin prenatal care as soon as possible once you determine that you are pregnant.

At the first visit, we'll complete a physical exam, a pelvic exam and blood and urine tests, along with blood pressure, height, and weight measurements. At the second visit, we'll review test results and discuss a management plan for any conditions that might affect your pregnancy.

For a typical uncomplicated pregnancy, you'll have obstetrician care office visits scheduled  every four weeks for the first 28 weeks, every two to three weeks between 28 and 36 weeks, and then weekly after 36 weeks.

Throughout your pregnancy, your care will be managed by an OB Coordinator. Northline Women's Health Center is one of the few practices in southeast Michigan that employs registered nurses as OB Coordinators to ensure the highest level of prenatal care.

At prenatal care visits, we will check the baby’s heart rate, measure your blood pressure and weight, and  measure the height of the uterusto gauge the baby’s growth. We will also test for signs of gestational diabetes and perform screening tests for birth defects, sexually transmitted diseases and other conditions that could put the baby at-risk.

Special testing may also be necessary when the fetusis at increased risk of problems that could result in pregnancy complications. This can occur if you've had complications in a previous pregnancy or have a preexisting health condition such as diabetesor heart disease, high blood pressure or a blood condition known as Rh sensitization.

We perform a detailed ultrasound examination of your baby between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy as part of your routine prenatal care.  A 3D/4D keepsake ultrasound is offered at a discounted rate for our patients later in the pregnancy, between 28 and 32 weeks.

We also recommend that you complete a childbirth education class in your eighth month of pregnancy. This class for you and your birth partner teaches about labor, comfort techniques, cesarean sections and newborn care, to prepare you for your upcoming delivery. Some insurance plans will help to cover the cost of this class. 

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