The doctors of Northline Women's Health Center use the services of the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Birth Center to provide a safe, nurturing environment where you can deliver your baby with the full support of an experienced team.

Our goal is to support you as you labor and respect your choice for pain relief. Some women want to experience labor with minimal or no medication, while others know they will want pain medication. You can choose alternative techniques for pain relief and birthing positions, and experienced OB anesthetists are always available.

Should a Cesarean or C-section be planned or become necessary as an emergency procedure, an operating room is located in the same unit as the Birth Center. A Cesarean birth can occur if labor fails to progress, or your baby is “breech” or not in a head-down position,  or you experience a medical issue that prevents you from a vaginal delivery.

Your labor and recovery is in the same private room, so you can focus more on bonding with your baby. Couches in these rooms convert to a twin-sized bed, so a family member or support person can comfortably stay in your room.

Once your baby is delivered, you will “room in” with mother and child staying in the same room. This promotes mother-baby bonding and allows you to become in tune with your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule. It also allows visiting family members – and especially siblings – to get to know your baby. 

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